Usually, the apartment car owners park their cars daily in the basement or in the elevate parking. But they didn’t realize ill-treatment that they performed to their cars. Here are three essential points car care facts that help car owners to save their car from harmful factors.

1. The Daily Car Wash

Daily, the car gets dirty due to the dust and mud. But, for apartment resident it is not possible to clean the car itself, or take it to the service center for cleaning purpose. So, they hire the car washer to clean the car on a daily basis. But, this type of car wash creates an indirect harms to the car. The car washers use a dirty water and the rough rag for washing the car, which creates the drying, scratch on the car paint that are easily visible in the sunlight or a bright light.

How To Overcome With This Problem

Always use a good quality rubbing compound. Use a micro-fiber towel and car shampoo for washing purpose. Also, make sure that the washer changes the bucket of water regularly, so that the dirty water is not used for car wash.

Corrosive Water Syndrome:

The secret to a beautiful looking car wash is using soft water. The ground water has salts dissolved in them. A lot of apartment complexes is totally depends on the bore-well water, and this water wash leaves behind the salt marks on the paint. Car Corrosion is called as car cancer. Once generated, the car owners need to replace the panel.

How To Overcome With This Problem

To get rid of the rust spots is to replace the whole metal body panel. So, it is better to avoid using the corrosive water.

3. The Rats Menace

Hiding rats in the basement area of the apartment are a major threat to the car’s electronics. The building of the right wire can create a spark, can lead to the mishappening.

How To Overcome With This Problem

If your apartment basement has rats, then it’s best to avoid eating the food in the car. So avoid eating and storage of the food in the car. This will save your car because the rats didn’t get into the cars who don’t have store food in it. Also, can use the Rat repellent if all the other countermeasures fail.