Over the years, the housing society has become a major living trend. The immense need for living spaces has created a huge demand for the residential societies and high-rise buildings. As these societies have various apartments and flats, a number of people or families can stay in a building. It not only fulfill the demand for the living spaces but also provide opportunities to connect with various people and celebrate different cultures. But as a society have multiple buildings with hundred of flats, it’s become really difficult for the society welfare association to efficiently manages the society issues and solves everyone problems on time.

To solve these major problems of the society welfare associations, many companies has come up with a cloud-based solution i.e., the housing society management apps. Through these apps, the society management has become really easy and simple. It automates various things within the society and helps the society members by providing the easy access to the society happenings. Moreover, it reduces the conflicts that comes within the society by providing numerous facilities such as online bills payment, better communication, and much more.

Although numerous housing society management apps are present in the market, among them PropKeep is one of the most efficient and user-friendly society management apps. It offers excellent housing management services and makes the society management work really simple. Through PropKeep, the society welfare association can easily connect with all the society members, solve their issues and regularly make them update regarding society’s activities. PropKeep facilitates online cloud-based society management services that allow millions of users to efficiently and securely use it and enjoy its facilities. It comes with various features such as:

1. Bills Payment: Through PropKeep, the society welfare association can make the members aware of their bills like electricity bill, water bill, maintenance charges, etc. Additionally, the members can easily pay off their society bills by making online payments through PropKeep.

2. Maintenance Request: With PropKeep, the society members can easily add the maintenance requests in the app, and can make the welfare association aware about their maintenance issues. Moreover, they can easily obtain the status of their request online.

3. Domestic Help: Demand of household worker is very common. The society members also need the help of domestic workers for their household work. But finding reliable household workers is not easy. With PropKeep, you can easily find the household workers like a maid, car washer, cook, etc., at your door step. As all the workers are registered, they will be no security issues with them.