In search of better living standard and better opportunities, people are migrating from rural cities to metro cities. The constantly increasing number of such people have created an immense demand for the living spaces. In order to fulfill this huge demand for living spaces, many real estate companies have developed various residential societies that include countless flats and apartments.

For efficiently manage the society and its related facilities, the housing residential welfare association is also created for all the societies. But, somehow managing a huge society manually has become really difficult for the society association. On the other hand, the society members also find various difficulties such as lack of communication with society association, maintenance issues, monthly bill payments of water & electricity etc. To resolve these issues efficiently, they need an effective solution for housing management.

PropKeep is one of the best Housing Management apps that offers the full-fledged solutions for all the problems related to the housing society. Using this user-friendly mobile application, the welfare association can manage the day-to-day society operations with great transparency. It includes various excellent features that have amazing ability to make the society management simple and hassle-free. Its main features are:

1. Maintenance Request: Using this feature, the society members can easily post their maintenance request. Even, they can also check the status of their maintenance request like it is fulfilled or under maintenance.

2. Maintenance Bill: The payment of maintenance bill is one the major tasks. But, sometimes they don’t get the maintenance bill on time or sometimes they don’t have time to pay their bills. PropKeep offers the great solution in order to pay maintenance bills on time. PropKeep app enables users to get the bill details on time, as well as offer the great facility to pay their bills online at any time, and from anywhere.

3. My Circle & Contacts: A society where various families stay together, the communication gap is one of the major issues between them. Through  My Circle & Contacts feature, the members can connect with other society members, chat with them, and share important information with each other effectively.