In most of the cases, the management of a housing society is quite tiresome. To handle the data of complex issues such as residents, vehicle details, documents, revenues, bills, payments, dues and more are never an easy task when it’s a township. It is really a mind boggling task to check and maintain email groups, multiple excel sheets with an email id, resident address, contact numbers, and lots more. Whenever society residents raised any queries or issues and does not receive real time solution, they get tensed shortly.

Get Peace of Mind with Housing society software

We can easily manage multiple society tasks effectively using housing society software. Such software allows various options for society managers to handle all the queries and support society members efficiently. Additionally, the software also eases the task of apartment owners. Society residents can perform their multiple jobs just in a single click. It is available in more than one Indian language, and can be utilized by most cooperative housing societies nationwide. The software also helpful in generating bills, interest calculations as per the society rules, tax deduction at source, notifications regarding receipts or bills via text messaging or SMS, the raising of trouble tickets and their resolution. Simply, we can say that housing society software is the best alternative to handle multiple tasks of the society in a hassle free manner.

No one field is untouched with the tsunami of effective software. Housing society software made with the utmost facilities that can reduce the complex work of your daily life and you can focus on your actual targets of life. PropKeep is recently introduced one of the valuable software for society management services that loaded with amazing features. Using this software, society residents really enjoy their personal life as well as more concentrate towards real life objectives.