When it comes to the housing societies, people live together in a same building or society but in different flats. When people stay together, they need to share the responsibilities & operational activities such as security, maintenance of the premises, payment of utility bills, and legal issues. AsĀ  these are time-consuming activities, people search for various efficient methods to get things done properly. The housing society management apps are the perfect solution to all such problems. Through an app offering housing management services, the society members can do proper work management, with transparency. Moreover, it makes the management work easy, and save time.

Managing a society has become easy and secure when it is done by using the housing society app. PropKeep makes all the society members aware about the latest happenings and events of the society. With significant online communications through My Circle and Contacts, Maintenance Bills, Maintenance Request, Domestic Help, Classified/Announcement and All Event details; members know all things about their society, as well as can get solutions for their problems related to the society.

Benefits of PropKeep

1. Being an RWA management services app, PropKeep offers various benefits to the housing society.
2. It efficiently manages the society day-to-day operation.
3. It is fast and powerful
4. Provides an opportunity to the members to connect with the neighbors and build a social network.
5. Allow to connect with the right contact in the situation of emergency.
6. Make Maintenance of bills and online payment easy and simple
7. Security of data
8. Fast and Powerful

PropKeep Is Completely User-Friendly

Through PropKeep app, the housing society management has become really simple. As it is a user-friendly app, the member can use it at any time, anywhere. Moreover, it’s easily operated applications can manage the day to day society operations smoothly with transparency. It designed and structured to perform the multiple functions and to fulfill the society management requirements adequately.

Why PropKeep

The aim of housing society management app is to make the life of society member easy. As the members can easily obtain their maintenance, water & electricity bills through the app, they don’t need to go to society office for that. Also, can make their payment online in just one click. Moreover, through the app, they can also make society maintenance request, track on it and get a solution for them. Additionally, the members can also hire the domestic workers for their household work through the app. As all the domestic work are verified and registered with the app, it is reliable to hire them. These are some of the reasons that make the PropKeep is one of the most effective and powerful housing society apps.