In order to save the environment, it is quite essential for us to take valuable steps together and reduce the consumption of natural resources as well as the level of pollution. Especially in the housing societies where a large number of families stay together in a building, and produce a large amount of garbage and pollution. Here are the top 4 eco-friendly methods through which the housing societies can reduce their garbage, pollution, and expenses.

1) Go For Zero-Waste Model

It seems impossible, but it is possible. With the help of great knowledge and sincere efforts, the society residents can reduce their waste upto the zero waste level. This is possible only if the societies go for waste segregation. Initially, the society residents need to dispose of the dry and wet waste separately, as well as install the separate dustbins for both. Basically, the dry waste such as plastic, metals, and e-waste can be recycled and reused. Similarly, the wet waste can be composted and used as fertilizer in the society’s gardens.

2) Rainwater Harvesting

Water shortage is one of the major concern in big societies. Instead of blaming the other for water shortage, arrange the perfect solution is really good. One of the major solutions for this problem is rainwater harvesting. By installing the rainwater harvesting systems in the society, the member can save a large quantity of water that they can use in future. Approximately, it will cost the amount of Rs 3 lakhs for installation the system, but it will supply the water throughout the year. It is also helpful to minimize the water bills.

3) Install an In-house Sewage Treatment Plant

A society can simply increase the power of rainwater harvesting system by installing a sewage treatment plant. Through this plant, the society members can recycle and reuse the wastewater for various purposes like cleaning, car washing, and gardening.

4) Use the power of Solar Energy

One of the most important sources of saving natural resources is solar energy. By installing the solar panels, people can generate a huge amount of electricity that can consume for meeting the daily energy needs. Moreover, by using the solar energy, people do not only reduce the carbon footprint but can also save their electricity bills. The solar panels are one-time investments but offer benefits for a lifetime.


By following the above methods, the housing societies not only become eco-friendly but also reduce their electric and water bills. All the members of a society should be joined together and work for the well-being of the society. For developing a great bond and constant communication among the society residents, the society committee should be used the housing society management app. PropKeep is one of the best and user-friendly society management app, as it provides an exceptional option to the society members and connects them to each other impressively.