The housing residential society has become the basic necessity of the metro cities. But managing a large number people in a building or a big society is really difficult. Sometimes it’s been really difficult for the management of the society to manage all the housing society activities, as well as resolving all the problems of the society members.

ProKeep is the perfect portal for the management and residents of a society that can use for society management, networking and accounting purpose. It provides valuable society management services to the users looking for the finest solutions. Its excellent features make it simple, compact and user-friendly. Here are the points that define it features:

1. Housing Society Management App

Although, managing a big society operations is really challenging for the management. But, with the ProKeep society management app, the user can manage day to day society operations easily, with transparency. Through this application, the management can maintain the records, send meeting and function updates, safety alerts, maintenance bills, and many more.

2. Strong Networking

With this app, you can connect with your neighborhood on private social network. You can chat with the other members, share photos and documents, and can build a strong bond with them. This will provide you a chance to privately connect with the other members of the society.

3. Emergency Contacts at Fingertips

It is a best friend in any situation of emergency. With this app, you can connect easily and quickly with the right person in the event of any emergency. Even you can ask for the help from others in the emergency situation.

4. Dedicated Classified Management for Your Society

Through ProKeep, you can directly connect with a seller or service provider of your society, as well as can see what’s for sale in your society. Although, if you want to sell something, you can also post it classified through this application.

5. Hassle Free Billing and Payment of Maintenance Charges

With this app, the management can send the maintenance bills and society charges bill to the residents. As well as the members can pay their bill online through this app, at the comfort of their Home or Office.