Under “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”, the government has taken various initiatives to increase the cleanliness in the various cities and government offices. After getting a big success in the cleanliness drives, the Urban Development Ministry has decided to start a new drive for the Housing Societies and Resident Welfare Associations for encouraging the cleanly habits. In the drive, the societies and RWA were rank under a new thematic drive “Swachh RWA”.

Following this thematic drive “Swachh RWA”, the Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) will regularly conduct a rating exercise of all the registered RWAs in the city. The result of the drive will be shared publicly, with the motive of creating an awareness among the society members and tell them about the current RWA ratings of their society, as well as methods to improve the cleanliness of the society. Moreover, encourages for becoming the best RWAs, Mohalla Societies and Housing societies in the state, the various felicitation event will also organize.

By felicitating the best housing society under this thematic drive ‘Swachh RWA’, the Ministry is aiming to appreciate those members of the various colonies and societies, who have been doing excellent work on making their society clean and have taken various ‘Swachh’ initiatives for it. Also, the ministry has decided to arrange various workshops across the country for selective RWAs, who are already giving their contribution in the Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM).

Special workshops for Swachh RWAs will organize to guide the society members that how they can set-up decentralised solid and liquid waste management, at their societal level itself. Also, in the workshop, they will encourage to place segregated dustbins in each household, as well as installing composting equipment within their RWA complexes. In addition to this, the new community toilets will be constructed within the selected RWA premises. To make this workshop successful, the relevant vendors world also be invited to showcase their products.