The increased demand for living spaces has created the big necessity of the residential societies in the metropolitan cities. In order to meet the excess need of the living spaces, most of the real estate companies have come up with the various residential societies. A large number of people and families can book their dream home in a society. But, managing a large number of people together in a society is really cumbersome for the residential association. Maintenance issues, Monthly water and electric bill payments, communication with societal residents etc., are some of the basic problems that residential association faces continuously.

Understanding these residential problems, an android supported housing society management app – Propkeep offers complete solutions for all the society management issues. It is an effective app that provides comprehensive solutions for all the residential problems and offers a great opportunity to develop a great bond among society members. PropKeep is one of the best housing society management apps that has the ability to manage day to day society operations with transparency. It has various efficient features that include:

1. Hassle Free Payment of Maintenance Charges: Through PropKeep, the society members can comfortably pay their maintenance bills and society charges online.

2. Stay Connected & Build Bonds: PropKeep provides a great platform to it users to build strong and private social network with their neighborhood. Through this app, the members can create their profile, connect with other members, chat with them, and share details about meetings and celebrations and ultimately build a strong bond among communities.

3. Domestic Worker: Finding domestic workers for household work is one of the major concerns for every society member. Propkeep has a great solution for it. With the help of this app, you can easily connect with the registered domestic workers like a maid, plumber, electrician, sweeper, car washer, etc., and can hire them for your work quickly. As all the workers are registered and verified, there will be no security and safety issues with them.

4. All Emergency Contacts at Your Fingertips: PropKeep is the best solution in the situation of emergency. This app has all the nearby emergency numbers, and you can immediately connect with the right person, at the right time.

5. Dedicated Classified Management for Your Society: Through Propkeep, the users can easily sell and buy their products. The members can post their sale ad through Propkeep and can directly connect with the buyers.